HUMANITY IS US spreads awareness of crimes against humankind and provides reliable resources for the protection of humanity. We are responsible for ending genocide, violence against men and women, child abuse and human trafficking. Together, our actions matter.

Until we hold the perpetrators accountable for their actions, crimes against humanity and individuals will continue and another generation of perpetrators will dictate our lives. One atrocity usually includes other atrocities. For example, genocide is global bullying, promotes violence against women and men, requires child abuse, forces children to become soldiers (human trafficking) and violates our basic human rights.


We should not be forced to fight one atrocity as they are all inter-related, as we as human beings are inter-related.


Violence against women, child abuse, rape, human trafficking, bullying, and genocide are all violations against human rights. It is an international crisis and must be addressed. When we fail to protest and ignore crimes, "otherness" begins and the criminal finds more victims.


Atrocities will not end until we end impunity. 

Humanity is Defined by Our Actions and Our Lack of Actions


Where to start?




Humanity Is Us (HIU) is basically a portal. With so much information available on the internet, it's difficult for someone new to a cause to play "catch-up" and it's overwhelming to figure out how to help. At times, it's too much. 


Most people want to be an activist, but it's hard when their personal lives are demanding: the economy is suffering, children need help with their homework, paychecks are being reduced, storms are more frequent, homes are being repossessed, less jobs are available, and we just don't have the time to give.


For some people, searching for information on some of these websites is a lot like reading directions for putting together a new toy or piece of furniture. Most people don't like reading directions and wonder why companies can't make simple directions.


So, what can your do? You do what you can. HIU has spent hundreds of hours reviewing websites, attending conferences, meeting long-time activists and doing the research. You can be informed and take actions that matter. If you only have two (2) minutes to give, it's enough. You'll do more when you can.


The reality is atrocities continue while we deal with our own lives.

How did Humanity Is Us start? Why now? Here's the published article that explains the story:


Conflict of Ethics: What Does Genocide Have To Do With Business?

 "Genocide. Are you cringing yet? How about rape camps? Whenever I start a discussion about either atrocity, it’s usually the immediate physical reaction that I observe from the person sitting before me." If you want to understand why HUMANITY IS US exists, please read the below PDF.

Conflict of Ethics_ What Does Genocide H[...]
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